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For years, we have captured some of the most authentic & precious moments at weddings. We are a Toronto-based team of wedding photographers & cinematographers passionate about producing images that are artistic, in the moment & carefully crafted to tell incredible stories. We tirelessly pursue moments that are deeply emotional, intimate & real.


The Moments team offers an experience like no other. From the very first meeting till the delivery of your film & albums, we are right by your side, working triple duty as photographers, wedding planners and stress relievers.


There is something beautiful about freezing a moment in time, whether it’s a hug, a tear of joy, a wink you hoped no one noticed or the silly smile you have after being pronounced husband & wife.


It’s moments like these that we are passionately observing & perform stunt-worthy maneuvers to capture. We strive & challenge ourselves to think out of the box at every wedding, to push boundaries & produce powerful, storytelling images. Whether it’s traditional family portraits or magazine-esque bride & groom solos, the Moments team is ready to create extraordinary photographs.


Your love for each other is a beautiful thing & nothing brings us greater joy than to be invited to capture its celebration.