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Testimonials on the "Moments" Experience



"We first met Saad/Moments Media quite randomly during our engagement in 2011. The tender playful moments he captured of us turned out to be some of the best photos of that day. I remember my fiance saying, "this guy  knows what he is doing". Flash forward to now, I couldn't think of a better team to be the official photographers for our reception.


Saad/Moments Media was cognizant of the type of event it was and readily understood the vision our family had for this photographic journey. In the process of hashing out details, they even successfully helped us put the itinerary together. Saad was diligent in his planning, pointing out little details and asking important questions that even I hadn't thought of. He/they certainly lives by the company motto that client satisfaction is their number one priority. They were extremely patient through the editing process, maintained smooth communication throughout and were able to give us exactly what we wanted.


The professionalism, friendly demeanor and their constant smiles is what puts Saad and his team at the forefront for us. Having seen the growth of the company over the years, it gives us immense pleasure to write a testimony for such a hard working team who strives for consistency and perfection in every level, yet remembers to capture the essence of the loving and joyous human spirit which makes weddings so magical."

- Trina & Fahrim



"Our wedding photo experience with Moments was exceptional. Saad & his team were very professional and creative.

All of our photographs turned out more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. We wanted random artsy pictures with our family and guests, and that is exactly what i received at the end of the day. Even though we were not able to make it to our on-location photoshoot prior to the reception, Saad made up for it at the hall. Saad helped us along the way by guiding us in terms of our location choices and he made a difficult subject, like myself, feel most comfortable when directing different poses.

It was almost surreal when we received our photo package. Moments had captured the feelings and the beauty in every photo. We were blessed with amazing surroundings and the lighting turned out great.

We highly recommend Moments for any of your photography needs. Saad has a great personality and we are confident he will treat you as well as he treated us. Great job Moments!!

Thank you so much!"


- Mariam & Hussein



"I wanted to thank you sincerely for photographing our special day and being so thoughtful throughout the two days.

I can't express how beautifully you captured all the shots and how amazing they all turned out. My family and friends loved your work and were curious to find out who the awesome photographer was :). In fact, we played the slideshow at the walima here in California and many of Amer's family and friends asked about you after seeing the images. 
We all agree you have an eye for detail and your passion for your work shows so clearly in your photographs. Thank you so much again for being a part of those two special days and thank you for the card as well, it was beautiful!"
- Nida & Amir


"I want to take a moment out of our busy day to discuss an exceptional professional. This is especially relevant to anyone who may be getting married in the near future. My wedding photographer, Saad Ansari, is an exceptional, professional, and diligent individual who has been a pleasure to work with. He never asked me to write this, but his level of professionalism was compelling.


Saad went out of his way to make sure my wife and I were happy with our pictures. Saad was always on time, always kept us in the loop with developments or any issues that arose, and made sure we were satisfied. The pictures he took were stunning, vivid, creative, and unique. They beautifully captured the essence of our event, and I thank him for that.


I wasn’t sure how to thank him for his generousity in making mine and Atika’s wedding memories special. If you’ve read this far, I hope when your time to get married or have an event does come around where you need a photographer, that you will consider contacting Saad as part of your research. You will not be disappointed."

- Asim & Atika